SONGWRITING SIMPLIFIED: Music Theory, Melody & Creativity

SONGWRITING SIMPLIFIED: Music Theory, Melody & Creativity

Songwriting for PIANO and GUITAR. Chord Progressions, Scales, Melodies, and Lyrics… with no Music Reading!

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of music theory, to Chord Progressions, Melody Writing, and Lyric Writing
  • You WILL write a complete song by the end of this course following 5 simple steps!
  • You’ll learn the same Chord Progressions used by hit songwriters. (Pop, Country, and Rock)
  • You’ll be able to Transpose your song into any Key, to make it comfortable for you to sing – no matter what your vocal range is.


  • You need only basic Guitar OR Piano playing experience.
  • You DO NOT have to know how to read music!
  • NO prior music theory knowledge is needed.


Writing a song is not as difficult as you think!  If you can play some basic chords on Piano or Guitar, this course will teach you literally everything you need to know to get you started writing songs like the pros:  Practical Music theory, Chord Progressions, Melodies, Song Structure, Lyric Writing, Creativity, Songwriting Tips & Tricks, and… YOU WON’T HAVE TO READ A NOTE OF MUSIC!  And if you are a beginner player, you’ll learn even more about Chords and Scales throughout the course.

SONGWRITING SIMPLIFIED will take Pianists and Guitarists step by step through the entire songwriting process, and by the end of the course, you will have written a complete song: Chords, Melodies, and Lyrics!  

ALSO:  Are you a singer who is frustrated by having to depend on someone else to help you write your songs?

No problem!  This course will teach you basic chords on piano and guitar to get you started writing basic Chord Progressions to help you communicate your songs to other musicians you’re playing or writing with.

Also included in the course:

  • Easy-to-read charts of Piano Chords AND Guitar Chords for all Major and Minor Keys.
  • Easy-to-read charts of Piano Scales AND Guitar Scales for all Major and Minor Keys.
  • Samples of hit Chord Progressions used in Pop, Country and Rock styles.
  • Insider tips that will help you write catchier melodies (hooks) in minutes.
  • Details on how to Transpose any song into a key that fits your vocal range.
  • Over 20 FREE Downloadable PDF’s
  • And much more!

Who this course is for:

  • ANYONE who is interested in writing songs!
  • Guitarists AND Piano Players who want to learn music theory and how to write songs
  • Singers who are tired of depending on someone else to write their songs
  • Guitarists who want to learn more about Piano – and vice versa

This Course is so well made by Steve Glazer Some things which I liked about this Course 1. The Instructor is so passionate & Humble 2. It discusses the basics of music 3. As a Grade 5 music theory student, I had no idea about how to write a song but this really helped me understand Music in a Practical way 4. Later in course, we discuss Chords and Scales in both Guitar & Piano then we discuss Lyrics 5. This Course serves as a Basement if you want to build your skills in songwriting

Course content

11 sections • 72 lectures • 4h 36m total length
  • Introduction
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Introducing… Your Chords!
  • Introducing… Your Scales!
  • Chord Progressions: The REAL Fun Begins!!
  • Progressions for Pop, Rock, and Country
  • Writing Your Vocal Melody
  • Writing Memorable Lyrics
  • Song Structure
  • Putting It All Together
  • One More Quick Thing!
Created by: Steve Glazer, Musician, Songwriter, Teacher, Entrepreneur
Last updated 6/2019
Highest Rated
Rating: 4.7 out of 5
(1,027 ratings)
7,599 students

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